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Welcome to MacStadium's Trust Center. Our commitment to data privacy and security is embedded in every part of our business. Use this Trust Center to learn about our security posture and request access to our security documentation.

If you need to request that our GRC team complete a custom questionnaire or online assessment as part of your vendor evaluation process, please submit the document or URL through this trust center after requesting portal access above and then create as the user account in your vendor platform. Please be advised that email requests will not be fulfilled without a registered account and submission of your request through the trust center portal.

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Trust Center Updates

Security & Compliance is a Shared Responsibility

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MacStadium security & compliance Shared Responsibility Models are now available for download in the trust center documents listing.

Security and Compliance is a shared responsibility between MacStadium and the customer. This shared responsibility model can help relieve the customer’s operational burden as MacStadium manages security controls for the infrastructure supporting your dedicated cloud environment down to the physical security of the facilities in which the service operates.

The customer assumes responsibility and management of the infrastructure software and data within their dedicated private cloud environment (including updates and security patches), other associated application software as well as the management of the MacStadium provided firewall at the time of service handoff. Customers should carefully consider the services they choose as their responsibilities vary depending on the product technologies and services used, the integration of those services into their IT environment, and applicable laws and regulations. The nature of this shared responsibility is intended to provide flexibility and customer control.

Please refer to MacStadium's Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) for additional detailed information regarding customer, MacStadium, and 3rd party responsibilities.

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MacStadium Joins the Cloud Security Alliance STAR Registry

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MacStadium is proud to announce that it has joined the Cloud Security Alliance as a solution provider member listed in the Security, Trust, Assurance, and Risk (STAR Level-1) registry to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to promoting cloud security best practices for our company and our customers.

Please visit to learn more.

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MacStadium Achieves FSQS Certification

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MacStadium is proud to announce that it has achieved FSQS certification for Third Party Risk Management and Compliance for the Financial Services Sector.

FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System) is a community of financial institutions including banks, building societies, insurance companies and investment services, collaborating to agree a single standard for managing the increasing complexity of third and fourth-party information needed to demonstrate compliance to regulators, policies and governance controls.

Learn more at

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